Well I am new to this however I am trying my best and seeing what I can come up with.
Published on August 28, 2006 By Philth In Life Journals
It's amazing what Moving does to me. I have to move out in 2 days and I'm a little overwhelmed. Of course most of the issues arise with the fact that I am essentially, a lazy bastard. However, despite the lazyness I still hate the whole concept of moving. It's such a daunting task, taking down posters, folding clothes, amking boxes, filling boxes then taping them shut, placing all those scattered cd's into the right case. Anyone own 12" records? Man they are such a bitch, sure I have 19X12X11 boxes which means they should fit, but of course the record sleeve makes them approx. 12.5" thus no longer fitting into the box, records are not exactly bendable and thus its a pain to find somewhere to pack them away UGH. I just took my posters/artprints. While i was removign these things I thought to myself " How the hell did I ever get them up so high, did i shrink or something" man i felt like my arm socket was tearing itself out reaching for that last pesky tack (yes I know you shouldnt tack your posters, sue me). There have however been some good things, I found one of the elusive 20$ bills from my stack of 600$ I won at the casino one night in october, it was neatly ducked behind a bookshelf, I KNEW I WOULD FIND YOU! I also found a Romeo Y Julietta Cigar neatly tucked in it's protective tube, inside my mini humidor in what appears to be pristine condition. A very nice surprise indeed. All in all, im not a very stressed out person, I never really ever get stressed out. Hwoever moving really gets me close to the edge. To add insult to injury I was using one of my breaks that I awarded myself to create a new bootskin, of course I was an idiot and didnt immediately switch my background image to 4bit color. In any case when i finished the whole background image i converted it to 16 colors and of course it screwed the whole image, it appears when i zoomed it the image actually had more colors then I was aware, tos um it up the image i created was no UGLY AS HELL. Ugh I only have myself to blame.

I used the 20$ to order a pizza, damn it was delicious.

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