Well I am new to this however I am trying my best and seeing what I can come up with.
Published on August 28, 2006 By Philth In Misc
Well I finally attempted to skin on my own. I am not a very artistic person but after getting back into the full swing of customizing I felt like experimenting. I recently got Chadamus' most excellent Digital Revenge DX combined with the StealthOS Windows Blinds (by Mike Bryant) and the best damn Icon set ive ever seen; Buuf by mattahan. Yes I know this is basically how Chadamus had his set up but I like it it flows well and I did change the icons from Gant to buuf though that proved to be a daunting task. In any case I felt with all this I lacked 2 more things, a decent logon screen and a Bootskin. Well after searching through countless bootskins I found none that really suited me so I read a tutorial by _martin_ (along with another which I am too lazy to dig up ATM.) and got to work. Well its about 5am right now and i finished it up, I had alot of problems with the progress bar as I read everywhere that it needed to be a 220 pixel length, well mine is only 130 or so and it works. In any case its an ugly progress bar but its late so you know. I have uploaded the bootskin to wincustomize.com and offered free customization of it though I doubt it gets any responses it is pretty ugly here's a screenshot while im discussing it.

anyways I believe after completeing a new and improved progress bar I will work on making a detailed Icon packager theme for the buuf Icons. I looked around for some as Mattahan never released a theme for it but found only one working and it was far from complete. I love the Icons and would like for everyone else to be able to quickly apply them. It's a daunting task but i will most likely have time for it.
Its late /sleep

Links to aforementioned things.
Chadamus' Great DesktopX Theme Digital Revenge DX
Mattahan's Buuf Icons

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